One of the funkiest horn players in jazz music history is indeed Pee Wee Ellis, a well known American musician who was an essential part of James Brown band in 1960s. He is a saxophonist, arranger and composer. He was born on April 21, 1941 in Florida, U.S.A., but spent his childhood in Texas, from where he got his nick name, which is his identity now. Music particularly jazz was his passion and he was active in making and learning music since his childhood. During his teenage years, he moved to New York and took music lesson from renowned New York schools and academies.


Pee Wee gave his first performance at the age of 13 years in Dunbar Junior High School. He started his professional career from Florida in 1960 after acquiring his education in music from New York and worked as music director, writer and band leader. In 1965, he started working with James Brown and became a part of some hit projects like “Cold Sweat” and “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud”, “Mother Popcorn”, “Lickin’ Stick,” and “The Chicken” in a short period of 4 years. After which he again moved to New York and worked with CTI Records’ Kudu label, and worked with artists like George Benson, Hank Crawford and Esther Phillips, Miles Davis sideman David Liebman. He later worked with Van Morrison’s band as arranger and music director and of course fully deserves the credit of major hits of that time. His song with James Brown, is the source of inspiration for all black people, and truly expresses their mind and heart. His song reflects his self-respect and truly reflects the political and social awakening that was started among black people during that time that force them to fight for their basic rights.

Say it loud,

I’m black and I’m proud, was a huge hit and still holds the status of national anthem for many traditional black people.

Pee Wee is widely known as Inventor of Funk jazz, when during an interview he was asked this question, he humbly answered himself as an artist who was working with passion and love that he has for music and for jazz in particular. In 1995, the diversity, excellence and purity of his music quality and his talent became evident to the world, when he played tenor sax and arranged the horns for the music album Worotan, by Mali’s Oumou Sangare, which is more famous with the title “Songbird of Wassoulou”.

In 2009, he pay tribute to James Brown by organizing a tour called “Still Black, Still Proud” to Africa with Mahotella Queens and Ghanaian born rapper Ty, on July 12, 2009, at the Frome Festival and in April and May of 2010 in Europe.

He is one of some evergreen stars that are still active in showbiz and a huge fan following that consist of people from all ages, races, religion and economic backgrounds who go crazy after seeing a glimpse of their hero.

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Audience of today is lucky in a sense; they have huge variety today at least as long as music is concerned. Music is the spice of life and last century was notable for the experimentation and development of different types of music genres. This century is a mere extension of what has already been done by other music icons. But still Jazz is the heartbeat of millions around the world.

Jazz fusion is the fusion of funk and R&B rhythms and instruments it uses are; Electric guitar, Piano, Drums, Saxophone, Trumpet, Keyboards, Bass guitar. It became popular in 1970s and still in fashion. Jazz fusion has been through a lot of remodeling and modifications in 1980s and 1990s and since Jazz has a very rich history, many new variants of Jazz came into play after initial design by the pioneers in 1940s. However fusion genre is popular because it is regarded as most difficult and challenging. In words of Randy Jackson jazz fusion is the most difficult type of music to play and he wanted to be expert in learning it because one who is perfect at playing jazz fusion can play any type of music

The term “jazz rock” is often used alternatively for “jazz fusion. The Free Spirits are the earliest jazz-rock band. During the late 1960s, while jazz musicians were experimenting with rock rhythms and electric instruments, some rock groups such as Cream and the Grateful Dead incorporated jazz into their music”, and the proper blend made the experiment a success. Groups like “Blood, Sweat and Tears” also blended harmony, melody, rhythm and instrumental elements from the jazz tradition.


1. Miles Davis’ with his brilliant albums, “In a Silent Way” (1969), rock-infused “Bitches Brew” (1970), “A Tribute to Jack Johnson” (1971) is labeled as “the purest electric jazz record ever made”

2. Weather Report; this includes “Weather Report” (1971)

3. Return to Forever: this is all about “Light as a Feather” (1973)

4. Jaco Pastorius: this talks about “Jaco Pastorius” (1976)

5. Stanley Clarke; involving “School Days” (1976)

6. Chick Corea: this ebulliently talks of “My Spanish Heart” (1976)

7. Chick Corea: this involves “Chick Corea Elektric Band” (1986), “Eye of the Beholder” (1987).

8. Tribal Tech: this is all about Tribal Tech (1991) and Reality Check (1995)

With the advent of smooth jazz, the concept of jazz fusion became confused, but artists and groups helped a great deal to save the history and tradition of jazz music. In the 1980s, it was argued that groups like Tribal Tech and Chick Corea’s Elecktric Band were vital for the survival of jazz fusion at the time of various emerging jazz branches and tributaries.

For best Jazz Fusion Performances, an award ceremony was introduced in 1958, which was previously called Gramophone Awards, to encourage artists for quality jazz fusion music and performances, the first award was presented to the jazz band Weather Report at the 22nd Grammy Awards in 1980 for the album 8:30. In 1988, the category name was changed to Best Jazz Fusion Performance and before the 33rd Grammy Awards (1992) the category was retired.

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It is important to have an overview of a pre flop move prior to deciding any kind of strategy for controlling your play during Texas Hold’em Poker because this is where the future movement of the game is determined. Your first important decision based on different variables involved in a particular hand is taken before the flop so make it a solid one in you want the rest of the hand played out well.

To set the tone for ensuring your moneymaking position you need to focus on your playing style that you give the impression of going in for every hand and make quality plays right from the start.

On getting all your cards preflop, take enough time to evaluate different factors for the hand; avoid basing your decision on only your cards. Take into consideration your opponents and if you have the correct starting hand requirements met in the hand you are holding before you take any preflop strategy decision.

An easy guide to knowing which hands should be played for Texas Holdem is presented below. Continue playing if you have big pocket pairs like AA-TT or big suited connectors like AK, AQ, AJ or KQ. Even big connectors like AK, AQ, AJ and KQ are good hands to play. But fold all other hands if you don’t have a combination mentioned above because these are the best hands that boost your chances of winning against other cards.

You are likely to find yourself in profitable situations after preflop with these card combinations, though one can also play other combinations successfully but that is possible for advanced players.

Focus on the changing dynamics of a preflop betting round, because there the small and the big blind are last in the action arena though they act first in other rounds of betting. But, the thing to note is that position strategy stays the same so play more hands only if you are stronger than your opponents. Also, limit playing too many hands in blinds or even playing in an early position if you don’t want things getting difficult unless you have a premium hand.

According to the latest poker articles, when your money is already committed to the pot, it is advisable not to play too many blinds and allow marginal hands go instead of call raises. This is the time when the strength of your cards takes second place to your position so just try to tighten up the starting hand selection you have in earliest position possible, playing with a wider range of the best starting hands kept for later positions.

Thus, in conclusion, preflop positions that will help you play a wining game include always focusing on position for the hand, only playing out of position when your holding is strong and loosening starting hand requirements when you can afford to do so (when in later positions) and not playing too many hands in the blinds.

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We all love different forms of arts and it’s a part of our existence some way or somehow. Basic arts like drawing, painting, music, singing, dancing, sculpturing and many others have been around for centuries, however with time, each took a new course and dimension, giving further branches. Today, each aspect of art has become a separate industry.

I have never come across a single person in life who is not into listening music. Time and evolution gave enough choices to set personal preference and taste in music, Jazz is one of those that have become a separate entity and each tributary of jazz has a rich history, background and assets for future generations to cherish and be proud of.

Wynton Marsalis called Jazz as power that has no boundaries, area of jurisdiction, script, law or rules. It is a force that occupies and conquers brain, heart and soul and not just that, but all the senses that are functional.

Jazz took its origin in the 20th century from African- American communities in the south of United States and is a blend of African, European and American music. It is started from New Orleans and flourished in other areas like Kansas, Saint Louis and Chicago from other genres of music like Folk, Blues and Ragtime.

It undoubtedly connected the world with the language of love and affection that is free from the geographical, cultural, racial boundaries. It is typically played with instruments with saxophone, flute, piano, guitar, trumpet, banjo, tuba, bass-guitar, vibraphone, double bass and drum-kit.

Jazz have a very rich and progressive history, as pioneers nobody can forget the services offered by King Oliver, a cornet player of New Orleans help in the spread, as he use to sing on the steam-boats. From him tradition has been passed on to others and this helped a great deal in the spread of Jazz across big waters. Duke Ellington, Ben Pollack, Don Redman, Coleman Hawkins, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Red Allen, Roy Eldridge, Benny Carter, John Kirby and Fletcher Henderson are other names that have rendered unforgettable services and are regarded pioneers of Big Band Jazz. 1920 was the age of Hotel Dance bands and Paul Whiteman, Ted Lewis, Jean Goldkette, The California Ramblers and Vincent Lopez were some of the successful hotel dance bandleaders of the 1920s. Since then, jazz is in a constant state of remodeling and transformation depending upon age and time. Big band was followed by Swing in 1930, Revival of Dixieland in 1940s and 1950s, bebop in later 1940s, cool jazz, Modal jazz, free jazz in later 1950s, Latin jazz in 1960s and post bop, soul jazz and fusion jazz as a product of 1970s and 1980s. Today’s jazz is more towards Funk jazz, Acid jazz, nu-jazz, Punk jazz, M base or a blend of all forms.

Today, Jazz music is a vast subject is itself, it is taught, learned and practiced in all parts of the world and all renowned universities offer programs for further understanding and learning.

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Penny poker are a seemingly cheap way to play poker machines at the online casino. While each credit on a penny poker costs a mere cent, these inexpensive sounding poker machines can be quite costly with each spin of the reel. Most casino poker games that you can play anywhere from a single line to twenty-five lines per spin. The average casino poker also allows for a single credit per play. This means a normal poker machine that is advertised as a quarter poker usually charges twenty-five cents per line. A spin on a quarter poker that has three lines would cost seventy-five cents while a twenty-line quarter poker charges the player $5 per spin. The penny poker, on the other hand, might have twenty-five lines, but allows multiple coin to be played on each line.

A twenty-five line penny poker would charge 25 cents per spin using common logic and math. However, because penny poker sound so cheap to play, casinos allow multiple coin or credits to be played on each line. This means that poker players can wager far more than a mere 25 cents per spin. In fact, some penny poker machines allow five, ten, or even one hundred coin per line! A penny poker player betting five coins per line on a 25-line penny poker machine would spend $6.25 per spin. A person playing 100 credits on a 25-line penny machine is spending $25 per spin if they play max coin on this machine.

To encourage penny players to play max coin, the casinos often use penny poker in a network of progressives. The progressive jackpots on penny poker often get ridiculously large and create the illusion that the poker player can hit the big one for a mere penny. However, the poker player will quickly find out that they are not eligible for the penny poker progressive jackpot unless they play for max coin over the maximum amount of lines. This causes the poker player to play for a great deal more than a mere cent if they wish to hit the progressive jackpot.

Penny poker can be quite costly because they mostly allow multiple coin to be played on each line. Casinos such as the bellagio in Las Vegas, advertise the large penny poker progressive jackpots attempting to create the illusion that a lucky poker player can become the next millionaire for a mere penny. However, the fact is, the penny poker player cannot hit the progressive jackpot unless they play the max coin, which is often far more costly than it would be playing a normal 20-line nickel poker game or even chasing the nickel progressive jackpot.

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One of the most exciting moments in everyone’s poker session is peaking at your hole cards, and seeing pocket rockets staring back at you. Pocket Aces are by far the most powerful hand preflop in poker. Moreover, while they are tops on the power grid, the AA is often misplayed. Aces can be beaten, and must be played profitably.

Maximize Profit with Aces

Many a pacific poker player gets excited when they have Aces preflop. Far too often, they raise in such a manner as to announce to the world “Hey, I have Aces!” As a result, they fail to get action. On the other end of the spectrum, players fear making such an announcement, so they go into the hand incorrectly, trying to sneak in with aces. Both of which are strategies that can get you quickly and badly burned.

Generally, you should usually raise preflop when you have aces. Putting in a raise within your usual standards that is comfortable to the table is appropriate. Should you find yourself short stacked, you may wish to move all-in preflop. This is useful when you do not have enough chips to protect your hand after the flop, or are sitting at a loose wild table full of players who would easily call an all-in with a wide variety of hands.

Your goal, preflop is to get as many chips as possible into the center of the pot preflop without tipping your exact holdings. You want to raise, announcing you have a hand without communicating to the table the exact nature of your hand‘s strength.

Slow-playing Aces

Additionally, sometimes it is correct to limp with aces. However, be aware that if you limp on pokerstar, you are starting off by playing the hand incorrectly. As a result, you should not be married to the hand. Be prepared to fold the hand on the flop if you encounter pressure that might seem a bit suspect. Also, be aware that the PokerStars pot is starting out smaller than normal if you limp. As a result, you will not find yourself pot committed. With pocket aces, you wish to gain commitment to the pot as early as possible.

Overall, more often than not – you will look to raise aces preflop in an amount that is natural for you and within the realm of normal to the table. By raising preflop, you begin to tell the story that you have a good hand, and can continue to mold that story as the hand progresses. Additionally, by raising aces preflop on Full Tilt Poker you will begin the pot building process, which will allow you to gain commitment to the pot in less time.

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PKR, the online 3D poker room, recently announced their new online professional poker team. PKR has never had a sponsored poker pro team so this is the first time the poker room will have pros to send to live events. PKR has signed six players to their team and they recently went to an event in London. The members of the team are up and coming in the poker world and have been seen at the PKR poker room on a regular basis.

Each player added to the first ever team brings something to the table. Some are well known and others may never have been heard of but have shown great knowledge in the game of poker. The six players signed to the team are: Henrik Eklund, Ashley Hames, Raymond O’Mahoney, Kai Paulsen, James Sudworth and Andrew Teng.

Teng, known online as ‘Golfpro699, appeared at the GUKPT earlier this year and outlasted the field at the Thanet leg of the tour to take the win. Sudworth also made the GUKPT final table earlier this year and is one of the newest young poker players to hit the scene.

New team member Kai “KingKai84” Paulsen has seen the most live game play success on the team. Paulsen is from Norway and he has an impressive tournament record including fifth place at the Irish Open last year. Ashley Hames is known more as a television personality instead of poker play. Hames is a writer, television presenter and for working on the Sin Cities show. Hames has been playing poker at the Vic for many years.

Henrik “Pokey85” Eklund is from Sweden and loves the High Stakes games. Eklund played well at the APT Manila as well as finishing second in the first ever PKR live event last year. The last player on the new PKR team is Raymond “callmebabe” O’Mahoney and he is a cash player at the high stakes tables and made the final table at the live PKR tournament last year.

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It has taken two long years but online gambling provider, Bodog, finally has regained control of their domain name. The online operator recently announced that they now have the rights to the domain after they lost back in 2007.

An agreement was reached recently between 1st Technology, LLC and Morris Mohawk Gaming Group. Morris Mohawk is the company that markets Bodog in North America. The agreement put an end to all of the lawsuits between the two companies. Back when the original court ruling was made, Bodog was told to pay $50 million in damages.

While the lawsuits were going on, players who typed in (or would be sent to This was the change that was made when the domain was taken from the bodog company. Now players looking for bodog poker will be able to type and be sent directly to that domain name.

Alwyn Morris the Chief Executive of Morris Mohawk Gaming Group commented in a press release about the agreement stating: “While the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group was not the judgment debtor, the MMGG is the exclusive licensee of the “Bodog” brand within the region and, as such, activities that impact the brand necessarily impact our business. “

Morris also commented: “We are pleased to have worked constructively with 1st Technology and its principals to bring an end to this protracted dispute. This resolution will provide certainty and will allow us to continue to enhance our technology base for online gaming in order to provide our users with unfettered access to the best technology.”

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If you’re a new poker player or you just don’t have that much experience playing poker yet then before playing for real money you might want to consider playing for play money first. The first thing we would recommend is to get the latest PokerStars download now. Most of the larger online poker rooms offer a play money poker room where you can play in full table cash games with play money. Typically you can play on the play money poker room for as long as you would like and if you run out chips you simply request more and your account will be credited.
There are numerous reasons as to why you would want to play poker with play money before using your own money and we’re going to take a look at those reasons right now.

To become a better poker player you need to be able to gain as much playing experience as you possibly can so that you can learn from first hand experiences.

If you haven’t played online poker in the past then you might want to check out how everything is set-up and how everything runs. You will also be able to try out different poker rooms so you can find out which poker room you like playing in the best.

By playing with play money there is no risk at all to you so you can try out new strategies on the play money tables to see how they work out for you before using them on real money tables.

There are also some reasons why playing for play money isn’t going to work forever and why eventually you will need to play for real money. As you can experience playing poker and become a better player you won’t be able to improve your game anymore at the play money tables. You will also find that on the play money tables your opponents will be extremely loose because most of them don’t know what they are doing exactly.

When you’re playing on the play money tables at Poker Star you should make sure that you always play as if you’re playing with real money. If you don’t then you won’t be properly getting ready for the real money tables which is what you should be trying to do when you’re practicing on the play money tables. Once you’re ready to play for real money you will be able to receive a first deposit bonus from the poker room you decide to play with so make sure you find out how to get the bonus. Typically it’s automatically assigned to your account when you make your first deposit, but some poker rooms will make you use a code.

When you first move from the play money tables to the real money tables I would recommend playing the low limit tables until you’re comfortable with the pace. You don’t need to jump onto the biggest table right away because often it will result in you losing your bankroll. Playing online poker for free is definitely the best way for new players to get some practice time in before investing their own money to play.

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